Plain language challenge: facilitate

Facilitate is a verb that means to make something easy or easier, or to help something happen. Most people understand easy; fewer people understand facilitate.

Sometimes we use facilitate instead of a more precise word. For example:

Changing our opening hours will facilitate access to our services.

Challenge yourself to use plainer, precise words and phrases and transform your sentences. In this example:

  1. replace ‘facilitate’ with ‘make it easier to use’
  2. replace ‘changing’ with ‘being open after school and at weekends’
  3. replace ‘access’ with ‘use’
  4. explain who will benefit, such as ‘more children’

Now you have a clear explanation:

Being open after school and at weekends will make it easier for more children to use our services.

Using plain language makes it quicker and easier for more people to read and understand your writing. This is an example of how I create clear, readable documents that suit their audience.