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Use acronyms thoughtfully

If you work for a government department or NGO, you probably use acronyms in your writing. It can be tempting to use lots of acronyms, as they shorten your sentences and save space on the page. But paragraphs full of acronyms can confuse your readers, slow down their reading and mean your well-crafted messages are … Continue reading Use acronyms thoughtfully

Use apostrophes correctly

Apostrophes act as signals to readers. They may seem insignificant, but when they are used incorrectly they confuse readers and slow down their reading. Are you’re sometimes unsure about whether a word needs an apostrophe? This article will help you understand the general rules. It's actually quite simple: there are only two occasions when you … Continue reading Use apostrophes correctly

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Streamline your document review

Does it take longer than you expect to finish writing a document for your organisation or business? Do you find that too many people want to change your draft and re-negotiate the contents? These are common problems that have a significant impact on productivity. When many people review a document, sometimes more than once, it … Continue reading Streamline your document review